I believe... above all, that God loves us and wants nothing but the best for both our present and eternal lives.

I believe... that God pursues us constantly, because He desires a personal relationship with us even more than we need and crave one with Him.

I believe... that because of the two reasons mentioned above, he sent his Son to die for our ever-present sins and reconcile us to Him.

I believe... in acceptance of these facts as the one and only way to eternal life in Heaven with Him.

I believe... in forgiveness, as it has played out in the Word, the world, and my own life.

I believe... that the Word of God is true, powerful, complete, and is used by the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives.

I believe... in unrelenting prayer, that God answers prayer, and that even when He doesn't grant our prayers He is still Lord and worthy of our praise.

I believe... in worship through song.

I believe... in the many characteristics of God and my personal responsibility as His daughter to use the gift of writing to share those I have experience with the world, including

... Comforter in sorrow
... my Companion
... Protector
... Giver of blessings
... Giver of life
... Giver of gifts
... my Rock
... my Provider (Jehovah Jireh!)
... Example of love
... the Great Convictor
... Defeator of evil
... God who SAVES

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